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The Land of Levendale

Levendale - the land filled with fantastic beasts and creatures, powerful wizards, mighty dragons and, most of all, valiant heroes.

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The Battle of Saltshire

Through arduous training and trials to test her strength, Lady Sarah has proven herself to be a more than capable fighter and a valiant knight. But now, she is going to be in for the fight of her life. An attack on a small village in Sunbriar will lead her into a battle with the most dangerous enemy that she has, and may ever, face. Will she succeed, or will the village be destroyed by this dark knight?

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Kingdom’s Bounty

The Princess has been kidnapped. Warrior after warrior has fallen trying to apprehend the culprit, the nefarious dragon Nurf. But who needs a muscle-bound warrior, when true might is in magic? It's time for a wizard to show everyone how to dispense justice! Will Gary the Great succeed, or will he be scorched under the breath of the dragon?

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