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The Land of Levendale

Welcome to Levendale, my friends. This land is brimming with knights, such as myself, in resplendent, yet slightly dented armor. We walk alongside prowling beast-men, powerful mages and sentient dragons. Our land is home to magic, intrigue, and most assuredly, heroes. Beliefs here hinge on the acceptance of an ancient prophecy, along with how each country interprets the prophecy. But the discussion is best left to old mages and scholars for debate over tea. Let us take a moment to traverse some of the flourishing regions of Levendale. Our journey begins in the Aeron Peninsula, a land once ravaged by war. Allow me to escort you.

Levendale Map


Infernia Map

The land of Infernia to the west is a hot, dry, rock-encrusted, volcano-filled region. Dragons of great influence and intelligence rule this kingdom. Intelligent dragons abound such as Nelly, who was part of the Delegation of Albrik for peace when the lesser dragons began roaming farther into civilized kingdoms. These are troubled times we tread through, companions. Dragons should keep dragons in check; it’s not just any hero that can slay a dragon if necessary, you know.


Sunbriar Map

Where there is conflict, there are friends ready to rise up and help one another. Sunbriar is the perfect land to find such loyal compatriots. Whether they be knight, dwarf or mage, everyone gathers in Sunbriar, the physical and economic center of this region. Ultimately, almost all trade goods travel to or through this market kingdom. The inhabitants also make the most exquisite fabrics in a multitude of colors and current fashions. Who else would be caught up in the most recent fashionable trends? Well, the Royal Family, of course. They reside in Providus, the heart of Sunbriar. Luckily for the Royal Family, they are safely tucked away behind their castle walls should anything precarious occur. The recent conflict in the nearby town of Saltshire has everyone a tad weary.


Carthridge Map

Nestled to the North between Infernia and Sunbriar is Carthridge. This country is best recognized for being home to the most impressive and talented practitioners of the magical arts. The college of Carthridge specializes in educating these grandiose wizards in the use of their abilities. It also houses a collection of books and scrolls of knowledge far more vast than any other collection in the Peninsula of Aeron. Travel cautiously though, my friends, for even the experiment of the most well-meaning wizard may not be what he planned and might escape to accost travelers on the night’s road.


Stralia Map

Sadly, the island kingdom of Stralia to the north is a heartbreaking reminder that not all wizards are well-meaning. The beautiful, lush, green forests that blanket this island hide the various villages dotting the land. Exiled intelligent beast-men, failed or incomplete experiments of the past, now reside in Stralia. They toil away within these villages, making a life for themselves apart from the other kingdoms. For now they keep the peace, but who really knows what will happen when you try to talk sense to a beast.


Weignorth Map

If you are anticipating a romantic island retreat, the Sea of Aeron is not the destination for you. Besides Stralia, the only other major island is Weignorth, a desolate, frigid, ice-co vered kingdom. And I’m just speaking of the people. It is a kingdom of freezing temperatures known to breed fierce barbarian warriors. Once, they traversed the lands by utilizing their ice bridges to hunt dragons in every corner of Aeron, but now they have adapted to navigating the seas in their ships. Their capital, Valinor, rests atop the skull of a colossal dragon. The castle is rumored to be embedded with dragon remains, with bones grafted into the walls. If you ever do get there, my friends, I would enjoy hearing of your tales. I could never travel there; my joints would freeze, and my armor would rust.

New Alaris

New Alaris Map

Heading back south from Weignorth and towards the mainland, east of Sunbriar, we travel to New Alaris. This kingdom is a wonderful and bountiful land, overflowing with culture and honor, duty and the willingness to assist others in need. I may sound a bit biased, but that’s only because that is accurate. I am a knight after all. Most, if not all the knights of this region, hail from New Alaris. We strive to become legitimate Knights of Alaris, and we hold our ideals pure. The council that rules over my home kingdom sees fit to separate most of their decisions from the knighthood. This agreement allows for directing the most valiant knights, such as Lady Sarah and Sir Edward, across the region to help right wrongs. The knights of New Alaris venture forth to heal the people and the lands and to face dangers to which others would yield as victims. The Capital of Alturius is home to the Knights Order and a symbol of hope, peace and order for everyone. I await your visit with great eagerness, my friends.

The Scar

The Scar Map

We must tread carefully forthwith. Quickness and quiet are our allies in The Scar. The history of this barren wasteland is undoubtedly so overrun with tragedy that it would likely bring any that have the rare knowledge of it to tears or to shame. Though never a vital contributor to our region, it is now a dark and desolate wasteland of beasts. Small roving bands of nomads once were scattered across the Scar, scraping out a meager existence. Battles from a war not so long ago raced across these lands, decimating everything and leaving behind only a hollow void. With naught but rock and devastation left, only the most determined and resilient creatures can survive. Others who have no true home, or who are exiled from more civilized kingdoms, sometimes reach their way to this grim, somber, bleak place. Regrettably, only a trifle remains for them to find. It’s best if we keep moving and don’t linger here for long.


Farandor Map

Finally, friends, we reach the great mountain of the south and home to the brilliant-minded dwarves of Farandor. They are known for their genius and advanced abilities in engineering. Though the dwarves live in relative seclusion, they are among the most technologically advanced of all the people. The feats of wonder they accomplish through their grasp of engineering boggles the mind. That is not the only strength of these people. The dwarven capital of Brotrontus remains an architectural marvel of admiration to behold. That is, of course, if you convince a dwarf to let you into the city to begin with. Dwarves of Farandor are held in great esteem and companionship by the dragons of Infernia. This is something to keep in mind if you wish to stay on the favorable side of both of these kingdoms.

There is plenty to see and do in the Peninsula of Aeron and in all of Levendale. You will experience many wondrous events, find new allies and encounter heroes from different lands. The longer you stay, the more adventures you will have. And who knows? Mayhap one day you will rise to be a hero yourself, and it will be your story that I share.