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Understanding Your Cards

parts of the card


How to Build Your Hero


Beginning the game

Each player draws 7 cards.
Each player starts with 10 health.
Decide who goes first!

On the First Turn

The player who goes first can place 1 card onto their hero.

The player who goes second can draw one card and place one card onto their hero.

After that, each player takes turns building their hero to fight against their opponent's hero.

Taking Turns

Each player has 2 actions that can be used per turn. With an action, you can either place a card or attack (you can only attack once per turn).

If you don't want to use actions, you don't have to!

Replacing Cards

You will want to adapt your hero to fight against your opponent's hero! If you want to swap a card on your hero for a card in your hand, you can! But you have to send the old card to the trash. The trash is a pile each player has where their discarded and destroyed cards go.


The abilities on cards are important, so make sure you read them!

Pro tip: If you already placed a Spell card on your hero, activating its ability does not cost an action.


Here's how combat works when a player chooses to attack.

If an attacker has more attack on their hero that the opponent has defense on their hero, the defending player loses health.

The defending player loses 1 health because his hero's combined defense is lower than the combined attack of the attacking player's hero.

Ending the Game

You win the game when opponents lose all their life.

Pro tip: If a player runs out of cards in their deck and cannot draw at the beginning of their turn, they lose the game.

See our ADVANCED RULES for more detailed instructions