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Gary VS Nurf Collectors Set - Pre-Order Exclusive


The game, as you know it, has changed forever. The fate of many rests in your hands as Heroes of Levendale introduces two brand new decks!

This pre-order purchase comes with the following:

  • Both Gary the Wizard deck and Nurf the Dragon deck.
  • The pre-order exclusive Gary VS Nurf engraved stainless steel card
  • Both the exclusive Wizard and the Dragon enamel pin set
  • The Heroes of Levendale embroidery hat. 

The gameplay of these decks is balanced around two Spell-slinging strategies with a heavier focus on Wizard and Dragons cards. Gary the Great is a whimsical Wizard who focuses on casting spells and using magic to strengthen himself against his opponents. Nurf is a powerful Dragon who focuses on dealing direct damage to weaken his opponents by casting spells. The decks also introduce two new card types (Companions and Battle Spells), and a new rarity (uncommon). The decks themselves are made up of entirely new, game changing, never-before-seen cards featuring fantastic arts, new terrible puns, and many unique abilities. These characters are unique and fun to play!

Products are scheduled to ship from our Levendale headquarters in Texas in April 2020.

Thank you adventurer. 

The fate of Levendale is in your hands!