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Gary VS Nurf Deck Set - Pre-Order Exclusive


The game, as you know it, has changed forever. The fate of many rests in your hands as Heroes of Levendale introduces two brand new decks!

This pre-order purchase comes with both Gary the Wizard deck and Nurf the Dragon deck. Both with unique cards, and unique strategies to win.  

This Pre-Order package also comes with your choice of the exclusive Dragon or Wizard enamel pin. Who will be your ally? Are you a Wizard, or a Dragon?

The gameplay of these decks is balanced around two Spell-slinging strategies with a heavier focus on Wizard and Dragons cards. Gary the Great is a whimsical Wizard who focuses on casting spells and using magic to strengthen himself against his opponents. Nurf is a powerful Dragon who focuses on dealing direct damage to weaken his opponents by casting spells. The decks also introduce two new card types (Companions and Battle Spells), and a new rarity (Uncommon). The decks themselves are made up of entirely new, game changing, never-before-seen cards featuring fantastic arts, new terrible puns, and many unique abilities. These characters are unique and fun to play!

Due to COVID-19, products are scheduled to ship from our Levendale headquarters in Texas in May/June 2020.

Thank you adventurer. 

The fate of Levendale is in your hands!